Government Shutdown and My Salary

I’ve said all along, that I don’t want a Government shutdown. That’s why our goal in Congress has been to fund the Government while reducing spending. But Harry Reid and the Senate refuse to act. I’m hopeful a deal can be hammered out quickly as negotiations continue between the Senate and the House even as I write this. There has been a proposal to extend current appropriations (with cuts) in the short-term while funding our troops for the rest of the year. I support such an extension. If the Senate refuses again to act, choosing not to fund our troops, there does exist a possibility that our Government could shut down.

In case of a Government shutdown, I want to make it perfectly clear that I will not be accepting my congressional salary during the time of the shut down. Instead I’ll be donating it to a worthy WI-8 charity that supports our veterans. I call upon all my colleagues to do the same. We should not be profiting during a time when the rest of our Government is shut down.

-Reid Ribble