You're still welcome in the people's house

Mar 6, 2013 Issues: Budget

The White House announced that it is going to cancel tours due to budget cuts from the sequester. When there are so many tax dollars being wasted on lavish government parties and federally funded programs that pay people to play video games, closing the White House to the public seems ridiculous. People come to D.C. from all across the country and around the world for a chance to see the White House and Capitol-- buildings that represent our nation’s past, present and future. In my office, we work for you, and my staff will continue to give the finest tours possible. Even my wife DeaNa, when she’s in town, loves to take visitors around the Capitol and share some of the interesting facts that you can’t find in a history book. This is still the people’s House and we aren’t choosing theatrical cuts to make a political point.

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