Inheriting an Exceptional America

Mar 29, 2012 Issues: Budget, Jobs and the Economy

Washington, D.C. – Representative Reid Ribble (WI-08), a member of the House Budget Committee, spoke at a press conference today alongside Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan immediately following the passage of the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Resolution.

“It’s so easy when thinking about budgets to just focus on numbers; one trillion here and a trillion there. But it’s not about numbers - except in the way that those numbers affect us all. And they do have an effect.

“Every dollar borrowed is a dollar to be repaid. Every penny spent is a statement about our values…and really about us. The budget we just passed moments ago says things.

“It speaks to us through our commitment to protect and preserve Medicare. It talks to our children, those born and yet to be, that this Congress will watch out for them just like we watch out for each other. It tells us all that as the adults in the room, that the choice between more debt and spending today or brighter tomorrow is indeed a false choice.

“Today House republicans passed our budget with an eye not just for today but for tomorrow. Americans intrinsically understand that we cannot spend our way to prosperity. Nor can we borrow our way there either. They know that every bill and invoice will and must eventually be paid.

“I came to Congress a little over 14 months ago. I was sent by the citizens in Wisconsin to do the very things that were started last year and again here today.

“The Path to Prosperity is aptly named.  It does exactly that, it creates a path forward from fiscal dysfunction to fiscal health. It will facilitate job creation with pro-growth tax reform, and it will institute a Medicare plan that not only protects current seniors but will protect my two grandchildren too.

“And isn’t that exactly what we want? For our children to inherit an America as great and exceptional as the one we inherited from our parents? I know that’s what I want for my family. This budget sets the path straight toward that goal and I am proud to have played a small part in it.”

Watch Rep. Ribble’s speech from the press conference.