Ribble Calls on Congress to Stay in Washington Until Government Shutdown Ends

Oct 4, 2013 Issues: Congressional Reform

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Ribble called on Congress today to remain in Washington, D.C. this weekend and continue working to end the stalemate.  Spending authority for government agencies expired at midnight on Tuesday, and the federal government has been shut down ever since. Lawmakers are currently scheduled to return home to their districts this weekend.

Below is a statement from Congressman Ribble:

“The federal government has been shut down for four days. Roughly 800,000 federal workers are at home today because Congress cannot pass a budget and spending bills – one of the most basic functions of government. The longer we wait the worse off our economy and our nation will be. That is why I’m calling on Congress to stay in Washington and work for as long as it takes to reopen the government and begin to restore America’s faith in their government.  We shouldn't be leaving town with this standoff occurring.  I'm working to get discussions going on some constructive solutions, and I hope my colleagues will join me in remaining at work to reopen the government as soon as possible.”