Ribble Congratulates Military Academy Nominees

Dec 12, 2012 Issues: Defense, Education

Washington, D.C.— Representative Reid Ribble (WI-08) announced the names of the high school students from northeast Wisconsin who received Military Academy nominations from his office. The applicants were interviewed by an Academy Nominating Committee of nine residents from the local community. 

“It’s a privilege and honor for me to nominate these outstanding young people from northeast Wisconsin who represent the best and brightest our country has to offer,” said Ribble. “I congratulate each of these students for what they have accomplished so far and wish them all the luck as they continue with the Academy application process.”

Academy Nominations Class of 2017

Nicholas Bruno: Principal nominee for US Naval Academy and Merchant Marine
Sevastopol High School

Austin Demeuse: Principal nominee for the US Military AcademyS
turgeon Bay High School

Benjamin Enterline: Principal nominee for US Air Force Academy
Appleton North High School

Benjamin Felhofer: Principal nominee for US Naval Academy
Sturgeon Bay High School

Casey VanCampenhout: Principal nominee for US Air Force Academy and for Merchant Marine
DePere High School

Congressman Ribble’s Nominating Committee

Mike Herchmer, Grailing Jones, Sharon Hulce, Kim Bassett-Heitzman, Lisa Bauer-Lotto, Susan Finco, Amy Wieckert, Jim Strong, Stewart Sarkela