Ribble Introduces Legislation Banning Members of Congress from Receiving Health Care Benefits for Life

Aug 1, 2013 Issues: Congressional Reform, Health Care

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Reid Ribble introduced the No Health Care for Life for Congress Act of 2013 (H.R. 2894). Should the Affordable Care Act be repealed, this legislation would prevent all members of Congress from receiving taxpayer funded health care benefits when they retire from Congress.

The following is a statement by Congressman Ribble on the introduction of this legislation:

“For decades, Americans have given Congress consistently failing grades while Congress has been playing by its own rules. Congress needs to stop giving themselves perks and sweetheart benefits that are not available to American citizens and play by the same rules that hardworking American families do. The founding fathers wanted members of Congress to be citizen legislators, not career politicians.”

Since 2011, Congressman Ribble has worked to eliminate special perks and privileges for members of Congress. That is why he worked to get a version of No Budget, No Pay - a bill that would take away members’ salaries if Congress fails to pass a budget on time – signed into law earlier this year. Ribble has also voted to reduce his congressional office's budget by nearly 20 percent since he took office. He has also introduced legislation that would limit the number of terms members of Congress can serve, and he has cosponsored legislation that would end congressional pensions for members (H.R. 178).

Facts about Ribble Legislation:

•    This legislation states that, should the PPACA be repealed, retired members of Congress and their dependents will not be eligible to receive health care under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

•    The bill applies to both current and former members of Congress at the time of the repeal of PPACA.