Ribble Reintroduces Health Care Legislation to Provide Better, Low-Cost Coverage

Jul 25, 2013 Issues: Budget, Health Care, Taxes

Washington, D.C. -- Congressman Reid Ribble reintroduced his health care legislation today. The Health Equity Act of 2013 (H.R. 2820) would allow individuals, families, and small businesses who purchase their own health insurance to fully deduct their health care costs. This legislation also includes provisions to provide incentives for individuals and businesses to participate in wellness programs, helping to lower their health care costs over their lifetime.

The following is a statement by Congressman Ribble on the reintroduction of this legislation:

“With multiple implementation delays, rising health insurance premiums, and employers cutting back on workers’ hours and wages because of the Affordable Care Act, access to truly affordable health care coverage is becoming even scarcer. My legislation provides consumers with more choices and better access to coverage that fits their needs will make health care coverage more affordable for Wisconsin families and businesses.”

H.R. 2820, The Health Equity Act of 2013:

  • Amends the IRS code to allow sole-proprietors to fully deduct their health insurance costs
  • Allows individuals purchasing health care on their own to deduct the cost of their health insurance from their gross income 
  • Allows individuals to deduct up to $1,200 in costs associated with fitness programs, athletic club memberships, fitness equipment, and weight loss programs