Ribble Statement on House Passage of Farm Bill

Jul 11, 2013 Issues: Agriculture

The following is a statement from Congressman Reid Ribble:

“Northeastern Wisconsin has a robust agricultural economy that will benefit from the reforms and policy changes we’ve included in this bill and while it’s not a perfect piece of legislation it does make significant advances in crucial areas.  We need stability and certainty in all aspects of our economy and this bill will help provide that to the thousands of hardworking farmers, ranchers, and foresters who have been impacted by the inability of Congress to get its work completed.”


As Wisconsin’s lone member of the House Agriculture Committee, Congressman Ribble worked to include in the bill several important reforms for Wisconsin agriculture:

•    Dairy Policy.  The FARRM Act replaces outdated dairy programs with a margin insurance program to help dairy farmers manage their risk to mitigate price volatility.  The premium structure helps Wisconsin farmers transition from the Milk Income Loss Contract program while ensuring that producers share in the risk with the taxpayer.

•    Regulatory Reform.  The FARRM Act incorporates several Ribble-backed provisions to roll back regulations on Wisconsin producers:

       o    The Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act (H.R. 935) to repeal a duplicative permitting requirement on farmers, ranchers, and forest owners.

       o    The Silviculture Regulatory Consistency Act (H.R. 2026) to preserve the management of forest roads at the state, not federal, level.

•    Forest Management.  The FARRM Act includes Ribble’s legislation (H.R. 1611) to allow the U.S. Forest Service to re-hire former employees on a contract basis to stop the “brain drain” and improve timber harvesting.

•    Planting Flexibility.  The FARRM Act also includes Ribble’s Farming Flexibility Act (H.R. 1610) to incentivize and expand fruit and vegetable production in the Midwest.