Ribble Statement on Passage of Veterans Assistance Bill

Jul 30, 2014 Issues: Veterans

Washington, D.C. - The following is a statement from Congressman Reid Ribble regarding passage of the combined House and Senate veterans legislation:

“I am pleased that House and Senate negotiators have agreed on legislation to help our veterans receive the care they need. The final bill that the House passed today on a strong bipartisan vote of 420-5 includes a critical concept from my own legislation to give veterans the flexibility to go outside of the VA health care system to receive their care. I believe this reform, as well as others included in the bill, many of which have already passed the House of Representatives, will help our nation’s veterans obtain the care they need in a timely manner and begin to address the systemic problems throughout the VA. Our veterans have selflessly sacrificed for our country and they deserve the best care possible.  For the millions of veterans who are pleased with the care the VA is providing, this will improve on it, and for those who are having difficulty in receiving timely care nearby, this bill will give them a needed helping hand.”