Ribble Votes to Keep Government Open

Sep 13, 2012 Issues: Budget, Jobs and the Economy

Washington, D.C.—Representative Reid Ribble (WI-08) voted for the 6-month FY2013 continuing resolution (CR), which would fund the government until March 2013.  

“While I am not happy with everything that’s in this bill and have worked to further reduce spending, it would be ill advised to push funding of the government until after the election when mischief and spending are more likely to increase,” said Ribble. “I have voted for a number of measures that would keep spending below this figure only to have them indefinitely shelved in the Senate.  It’s clear Harry Reid has no interest in genuine movement and any delay would only increase his ability to extract more spending from hardworking taxpayers. We cannot allow that to happen.”

The legislation enacts a continuing resolution (CR) at a total non-emergency spending level equivalent to $1.047 trillion (on an annualized basis) through March 27, 2013. The current fiscal year ends on October 1, 2012.